Why I started Blog

I started this new blog called https://protandimsleepingbeauty.wordpress.com/, calling these ladies Zombies is like victimizing the victim.

Brief Summery:

The Protandim supplement has both Milk Thistle and the Bacopa flowers as ingredients, together they create a weak Nerve Toxin, which damages the brain and nervous system permanently. The University of Maryland Medical Center advises not to make this mixture. There is no difference from chemical nerve gas weapons, classified as, weapons of mass destruction; like Sarin or Nazi V-X nerve gas. They have the exact same effect, just on a different time clock. Sarin nerve gas would show all the necrotic effects, very rapidly, when Protandim slowly decays the victim.

The victim decreases their intellect, alters their psychological stability and is not able to understand why they need to come off the poison. The victim will in fact, refuse to stop taking the nerve toxin because they are also receiving about 3 cups of caffeine from the green tea extract in the pills. In addition, I believe there are high levels of heavy metals loaded into the pills through processing and manufacturing of the pill. Similar to kids who continually eat lead paint chips, until they are extremely toxic, the Protandim victim continues to consume the Protandim nerve toxin.

Protandim is made by Lifevantage, a Mormon company who is targeting powerful, intelligent, feminist, female figures, in the community including midwives, operators of the local women’s clinic and pagans. Herbalife is another Mormon company, which might have a similar product and targeting plan. This blog covers the chemistry, the secret meaning behind the Protandim name, why Lifevantage is targeting these powerful female figures and most importantly how to perform a Protandim Intervention. I failed to get my friend off the poison; they do not want to give up this zombie juice; her family and friends never responded to an intervention. The end result is similar to attempting to tell someone they suffer from Alzheimer’s, they will not agree and will consider any actions an attack. This poison is the perfect man-made epidemic, which will tear friends and family apart. THIS IS ITS ACTUAL DESIGN.

We might have a story of two pills, one for the general public, even sold on Amazon, and a special pill for any lady who has worked at a woman’s clinic, pagan store, is graduate with a female studies degree;a feminist  or a midwife. The changes I saw in my friend were shocking and hard to believe.

Protandim nerve toxin effects should follow this timeline:

0-30 days -Major reduction of intellectual capacity, decrease in reason, accountability and inability to perform complex thoughts. Inability to maintain scheduled. Change in activities. End all relationships, which require deep emotions. Will refuse to get off the poison. Hands might be numb, sharp pain in liver, and kidneys.

30 -60 days – Psychological conditions should set in. First paranoia, anxiety disorder (nervousness), than ADHD, OCD, and schizophrenia. Inability to read clearly out loud, this is a dual motor skill function involving visual and oral.

60 – 90 days – Signs of single motor skill functions are apparent, Speech Disorder first, balance and inability to write clearly, vision, hearing.

(Latent Stage) 90 – 120 days – Nerve toxin still in body, even though victim most likely will not be taking the pills at this point. Toxins can take 30 days or more for the body to expelled them, further erosion of intellect, psychological disposition and motor skills will continue to degrade.  Can be fatal in this stage.

**Treatment and medication is required, take this person to the ER for a toxic exposure evaluation.**


I started this Blog because the X-girlfriend began taking this Protandim and changed overnight. At first I thought, there was an old boyfriend in the picture. But I noticed depression, blank stares, lack of eye contact, inability to respond to some verbal communications in a conversation and hiding from the camera, as not normal. These behaviors were more like a zombie.

The first major sign to a changed personality came with what she said to her young son, out of nowhere I hear, “I got no more love to give”. Then I noticed the frowning, her beautiful smile was gone forever. This is a girl, I have never seen frown, her face almost did not know how to frown, but there it was.

It was time to ask her for the name of the supplement, so I could do some research. Well, protandim users do not want to you to do research on protandim, and she would not give me the name of the poison. This is when I knew I had just found out what had totally changed her personality.

As an Example, the night the drug took hold of her emotions, we were suppose to have a date and sleep over and I just never heard from her.  The next day, we did meet and this is when I noticed the lack of eye contact. We watched a band in a grassy field, and she erected a wall on the blanket between us of a cooler, sandals and every plastic cup at her disposal. I recall, removing my shoes, and provided all my belongings to help her fortify her wall, along with commenting on its construction.

Intellectually speaking, she was very smart and witty, loved to laugh and talk for hours, so it was very easy to note a reduction in intellectual ability. She could not have an emotional enriched conversation because her emotions were flat-lined.

Well, her friend finally gave me the name of the product the day before she was going to have a sales meeting and introduce this zombie juice to other victims in the community; basically her friends.

My search of the internet, quickly revealed that Protandim is made by Lifevantage. And, this company had bombed the entire internet with all their public relations, under strange key words. For instance, typing “protandim zombie apocalypse” into Google, produced some, 520,000 results. Further more, these results all lead back to Lifevantage controlled websites, with off topic information. Very strange, I thought, something is being hidden here. Lifevantages internet public relations campaign made it impossible to find anyone who had any negative personal experience. I now determined that this bad reaction, is the intended applied reaction and I am right in the middle of, you get this, a very real Protandim Zombie Apocalypse.

This is a great girl, worth more than anything I could give her in this world. I called her Rain, saying, she would make me cry, when she finds a better man. She is, or was a better person than I will ever be. If anyone knows if she is off this nerve toxin, please, please, let me know. She won’t return my calls or messages, I did everything I could to get her off this poison, so now I must pay the ultimate price; I am in the dark. The last text message I received from her stated, ““No I will not”” referring to my pleas for her to stop taking the nerve toxin.

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  1. oh boy, you are a crazy person.

    go see a psychiatrist.

  2. Andrea

     /  January 2, 2014

    Hello, I am 24 years old and I have been on this pill for about 4 months now. I am concerned because I feel like I am not sleeping like I used to at all now! And I am actually more emotional and anxious now. You have convinced me to not take this anymore, and would like to know how to get this shit out of my system as quickly as possible! Would it be just drinking a bunch of water? I workout everyday pretty hard and feel like this has been why I haven’t been hit with any of the motor/nerve damage symptoms as badly. But lack of sleep will turn you crazy! And I feel like I have been extremely restless for a month now. Im not like these midwives and actually like when my body tells me when I need rest haha. I hope to hear a reply soon!

    • Hi Andrea,
      This is a medical condition that needs to be lab tested and treated by a doctor. They use mostly Chelating agents which were introduced into medicine to treat the effects of poison gas in World War I. The lab blood testing would determine if you have significant levels of heavy metals to be treated with a Chelating agent.
      For a poison emergency in the U.S. call 1-800-222-1222
      Just got off the phone with them.
      Urine needs to be collected and tested for 24 hours.
      Treatment needs to be given in a hospital.
      If you do the lab work, please send me a message if anything and what showed up in your testing. Bring your empty bottles with you to the Hospital and tell them this product was pulled off the market because it contained heavy metals and you are experiencing recent emotional and physiological changes.

      Chelation therapy is the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. Chelation therapy has a long history of use in clinical toxicology.[1] For the most common forms of heavy metal intoxication – lead, arsenic, or mercury – a number of chelating agents are available. Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) has been recommended for the treatment of lead poisoning in children by Poison Centers around the world.[2] Other chelating agents, such as 2,3-dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid (DMPS) and alpha lipoic acid (ALA), are used in conventional and alternative medicine.

      The use of chelation as alternative therapy can prove fatal,[3] and medical evidence does not support the effectiveness of chelation therapy for any other purpose than the treatment of heavy metal poisoning.[3] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers over-the-counter (OTC) chelation products to be “unapproved”.[4]

  3. Andrea

     /  January 2, 2014

    Another thing, my mom recommended this too me and I knew something was wrong with these pills when one day I randomly started crying over nothing! I don’t ever do that, and mom has been reassuring me this whole time that this pill will keep me more “in-tune” with my body. I don’t mean to go on a huge rant, I’m just legitimately scared and pissed that I didn’t go with my instinct and get off this crap!


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