Timeline of Events

Around April 6th victim began taking the Protandim,

April 13th we were supposed to go out and I never heard from her until after midnight where we broke up in a few texts.

April 14th watched a band in a grassy field, told her, that “she had changed”, then she said, “I am still the same person, just different now”.

April 19th The first time I saw the victim in a while. The first signs to a changed personality came with what she said to her young son, out of nowhere I hear, “I got no more love to give”. Then I noticed the frowning, her beautiful smile was now gone. This is a girl, I have never seen frown, her face almost did not know how to frown but there it was.

April 28th I noted a depression, lack of eye contact and inability to respond to some verbal communications, as not normal.

May 5th I questioned if the supplement has changed her in an email and received no response back.

May 11th began my research on Protandim

May 12th  Thanks for the concern…please stop messaging my family and friends

May 13th started blog

May 13th noticed photo of victim hiding from camera, not smiling, sign of depression.

May 14th Text- “no I will not, please stop posting on my wall….your negative comments”.

May 14th I received a text saying “I am busy today and I really don’t want to talk about Protandim”

May 16th battled with the manufacture on Wikipedia site

May 17th Sent emails to the University of Maryland and signing report doctor; Steven D. Ehrlich, N.M.D

May 18th began contacting women groups and forums, by page post, email and phone

May 21, all contact lost with victim

May 24, received call from Victims friend Officer Alvarez stating not to drop off coffee, yard statues or serenade her with my guitar. I believe paranoia and delusions had fully set in; this is Stage 2. Condition of victim appears to have deteriorated further. There are lots of things to be afraid of in life but Starbucks fresh ground coffee is not one of those. The fact that all my interactions and confrontations with Rain have only been focused on getting her off the poison; serenading her would be the last thing on my anyone’s mind, we got apples and oranges.

Further contact will not be made with the victim due to the onset of the possible psychological conditions and anything could be viewed as threatening at this point.

May 25, sent message to CDC, FDA, FBI terrorist task force, CIA, Wikipedia battle with the manufacture continued

May 30, contacted every Florida Now Chapters dealing with women’s issues

May 31, contacted WomensRadio–Thank You For Your Guest Inquiry! {19865}

May 31, voice report given to FDA investigator log number – 2560

May 31, contacted every California Now Chapters dealing with women’s issues

May 31, first sign support came from http://www.facebook.com/womensradio who liked my link.

****Hope help is on the way for Rain, 2 months is a long time to be on a Nerve Toxin

June 12th began contacting every pagan store, site or facebook account, reaction appears low. You basically have a man attempting to manage a women’s issue or health clinic, so don’t expect much out of me. Not good with sensitive personalities, which is why Rain would be so much better at this.

June 6th have received my order of 1,000 business cards to hand out, started last night.

Noticed somethings on the Cards, I would change. Too late.

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