Protandim Nomenclature, meaning behind the name

I will bet anything the Protandim name is referencing the god Tanalus. In the name used by Lifevantage, Tandim stands for Tanalus. The Greek god Tanalus represents all the broken, tragic homes that this herbal poison will create.

The god Tanalus

The earliest ancestor of the tragic house of Atreaus. Father of Pelops and Niobe. He is the victim of an unusually sever punishment in Hades “hell”. Tanalus is in reach of water that he cannot drink, food he can not eat and a huge stone hangs over his head, ever ready to fall. His crime was stealing a favorite golden dog of Zeus and taking ambrosia and nectar and giving it to mortals; and killing his son Pelops and serving him to the gods for food. see The Odyssey

It is an interesting connection here, because of the fact that Tanalus came from a broken home, a family separated and even murdered and sacrificed. Well eaten, showing cannibalism, something we would modernly link to Zombies, hence another supporting reason to name the Blog protandim zombie apocalypse . If Protandim does breaks up relationships and families, than this link is pretty strong and the name has some extremely significant meaning.

Let me also mention the connection to ambrosia and nectar. See, two of the main ingredients in Protandim are flowers that produce a nectar, not herbs at all. The other ingredients are not flowers.

Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum)
Bacopa monnieri

Anothing thing to consider is, apocalyptic groups like the put meaning into their nomenclature. It is almost a requirement or (MO) mode of operation. You can say I have a negative, out look and stance on a groups or sects or cults. The facts stand, these groups believe, they will be the only ones to inherit the earth, people like me, you and us, will be sent somewhere not so pleasant.  How, can you expect me to have any kind of positive views toward a group with this at their basic fundamental core values. I believe in sharing the earth, these groups, do not want to share and will be a future caustic enemy. It appears to me that Protandim, might be this group activating some form of a plan, imminent to their bizarre struggle. Understand, it is not if these groups activate, but when. With Protandim I am seeing signs of activation.

When cults activate and begin their outward or offensive function and struggle, they do this by seeking power and influence. An activated apocalyptic cult in a democratic country, will suddenly have members seeking high positions in the electorate. This is a very good sign that a group has begun its long awaited social struggle, forcing its beliefs on you, as an Over Lord. When it comes to this, you can only be wrong once and right eventually.

The name is proof that lifevantage is marketing a drug they “know” breaks up and separates people from other people or families. The Art of War, Sun Tzu chapter 3 writes:

It is the rule in war, if ten times the enemy’s strength, surround them; if five times, attack them; if double, be able to divide them; if equal,engage them; if fewer, be able to evade them; if weaker, be able to avoid them.

The term “Divide and Conquer” is accredited to this 6th century BCE document produced by Sun Tzua a General and amazing Chinese military strategist. This doctrine is still taught at every military institute throughout the free and not so free world. Another reason, to help determine if this  apocalyptic cult has activated is, if they are following military strategy. Dividing families and friends appears to be following a social form of a well defined military straggly.

This Protandim pill reminds me of the culturally impotent song White Rabbit, where “One pill makes you large and one pill makes you small”.  I think lifevantage has two pills, a placebo pill for the general public and a real monster when they finally lure in their feminist target. I think most people just get a weaker blend, well maybe just a caffeinated Placebo. The real brain scrambler is designed to wipe out the feminist powerhouses in the community. My X told me that she was sent herbal pills all the time, some pills are included free in the shipments, but she would never promote anything. She said the companies want her to recommend them to her patients, which means she is on a list of midwives and maybe a list of people who ran a woman’s clinic.

Mormons subservient their women into a second class citizenship and in most part, believe a man should run a woman’s clinic. A strong feminist female figure in any community would be someone who goes against their religious beliefs and practices; someone threatening. I believe Rain was monitored for years and finally fell for the black magic.

This is a crime without a victim because it scrambler your brains and you do not know you have been poisoned. It is a lot like telling someone they have Alzheimer’s Disease, the person just will refuse to acknowledge the conditions and attempt to convince you otherwise. Fight you anytime you bring it up. But, I know my toxins; I know them all, and I know them well. So, the planets actually lined up here, I know toxin, Rain is toxic. If I did not catch this in the early stages, it is possible Rain could be sitting in a wheel chair right now, drooling onto a baby bib.

Her family and friends were not conscious enough to recognize or analyze her altered personality and make any connection to anything. Even when told there is a problem, they still refused to make any correlation and justified her behavior; supported the person they have always supported. But, I listened very well to what she said, watched her changing facial disposition, I took nothing for grant here, the changes to me were emotional overwhelming. I could not even rationally perform basic functions, like, eat, sleep or appreciate any of the finer things in life, for myself when I noticed her changing. For me the spaceship crashed right here, I have fallen off the edge of the world, this to me made death and war, a welcoming friend.

This is, the perfect man made epidemic.

Protandim made by Lifevantage is based out of Saltlake city Utah. They are Mormons and their beliefs are based on future apocalyptic events. It is not farfetched to say, well maybe even making apocalyptic event occur, could be the base to their religion and their worship. To them, people who are not Mormons will not and should not be on earth. Similar to every other religion, even the Jews. The Chosen people thing is an example to the Mormon rapture thing. End of Day would also represent this similar fundamental infinitive function or objective. Is it possible that  all the apocalyptic groups are activating, all at once, to spread their evil, dark plagues on earth: who knows? My specialty is here. And, if you poison my butterfly, I will step on your head and force your toxin down your throat with my foot.

Protandim might be a Mormon Jonestown Kool-Aid®. Jonestown was the informal name for the Peoples Temple, an Agricultural Project and religious based scriptural community in northwestern Guyana, formed by the Peoples Temple. 918 people died in the settlement when their leader Jim Jones thought the end times had come and served all the worshipers a liquid punch out of a large soup bowl, which killed them all. Few survivors made it to the airplane and even a United States Senator was shot to death when he fleed. Leo Joseph Ryan, Jr. (May 5, 1925 – November 18, 1978) was an American politician of the Democratic Party. He served as a U.S. Representative from California’s 11th congressional district from 1973 until he was murdered in Guyana by members of the Peoples Temple during the Jonestown Massacre in 1978.

For what I experienced, first hand, Protandim is a powerful nerve blocker which dulls your emotions so much, it is like texting and driving. The person, quickly ends the relationship because they can no longer function in a relationship. It is beyond their mental or emotional capacity. Work will fall part about them, bad things happen, they just can not explain. It is a slippery slope that there is no way back up. This can change you forever.

Governments must have a contingency plan for these type of Jonestown events, they really do occur, and are historical significant. Sometimes they occur, within an entire group and sometimes just from a small group of radical members within a large body of worshipers. I have notified the authorities and documented them here.

I have also contacted the Mormon church through a Lyman Kirkland at <> they will be given a 48 hours to respond. After this period, I will have to say that we are talking in terms of a large group movement and not a small select radical sect. After 48 hour, a Declaration of War will be in effect with the entire cult.

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