Change Back to Normal

This might be the most impotent question to ask. Back to normal all depends on if we are speaking in terms of a Nerve Toxin or electrical signal buffer like Lithium. Nerve Toxin pretty much means, any recovery, might not be possible. If this is a simple Nerve Sanps blocker, like lithium, total recovery is possible without long term use.

With a lithium type agent, Nerve snaps do have a memory function, which regulates their behavior. Now, if you alter this behavior, the nerve snaps might just remember the altered behavior and not the original normal output or platform. The longer a person is on a Snaps blocker, the wost case this scenario might be. Rehabilitation would have to focus on activities that would re-energize the Snaps. Basically, activities that would agitate extreme emotions.

Drug addicts often alter their nerve snaps after long term use and after kicking the habit do have long term emotional changes. Below is a medical study which attempted to use Dopamine to re-energize the nerve Snaps.

Brain Dopamine Neurotoxicity in Baboons Treated with Doses of Methamphetamine

Protandin is doing essential performing the same effects to the nerve Snaps or endings but only lacks the high drug addicts would get from crack, heroin or pills cracked and smoked. You get all the bad and nothing good here.

The difference between a drug addicted permanently altering the nervous system memory function and a Protandim Zombie doing it, is clearly different. For one thing, the drug addict alters the memory function for a short period of time, a few times a week for let’s say 6 hours, during the actual high. A Protandim Zombie is altering the system 24/7, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they are essentially reprogramming their nervous system memory function, which regulated their behavior.

If this is just a Snaps blocker, the person they were emotionally, creatively and socially is being rebooted to a new less active / reactive function. By lowing electrical transmission levels in the nerve snaps. It might be easier to understand this by saying you take a fastest PC CPU processor Core i7-3000 series and make it into a Intel 8086 (first processor) or Pentium 166 mhz. If you do not remember the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” watch it again, the lifeless soles, pushing themselves backwards, around and around in a hospital wheel chairs is a possible outcome, from long term exposure to a strong nerve snaps blocker. Effects being long term, they do not need the drugs anymore since their system has been rebooted.

Long term use of this product could change this person forever even if we are just speaking in terms of a simple Snaps blocker. So even if you stop taking the pills, you will not bounce back to normal. You might want to interview your next girlfriend and ask if she has had long term use of this product. Sometimes it is better just to be friends and not get yourself into a emotional relationship with someone who as altered their emotions and flat-lined their personality.

When psychology patients, recipients of the lithium award, have a mineral blocking transmissions of some electrical signals in the SNAPs, there is a big difference to consider here. Because the lithium is a simple mineral, not a complex toxin. The Protandin nerve toxin, is more comparable to that of a poisonous snake, necrotic spider or poisonous mushroom. Snake, spider and poisonous mushrooms damage the nerves system and do not just block the signal transmissions. Often snake and spider bites leave long term nerve damage, this can be seen by people who are unable to even move a finger or thumb. The nerve damage is permanent and long term. Mice, Rats and a science lab, would be required to test if the effects are reversible or short term.

Reaching a point when the victim does not respond to warnings, even from a loved one, is not a good sign. Real long term damage has occurred at this point and their original character, will be a hard road to recovery. What nerve damage occurred will have to be relearned by undamaged nerves. If it took 40 years to define this persons emotional characteristics, than we are talking about a long recovery.

So, there is no testing or research and each person body chemistry, cell memory is a little different. Exposure a little different. You will have listen for any odd statements, like, “I got no more love to give”, maybe “I don’t have a favorite color, flower, ext. ext.”, . Odd statements are hard to think of, but anything strange is important to note. Can they maintain long intrinsic conversations on emotional topics? Do they leave out details, like “I am going to go”, and not speak the most impotent part, which is “pick up the kids”.

Physically, eye contact is limited, weight gain very possible, little to no sex drive, late stage speech impediment, visual problems. Coping with a budget. Everything that makes a relationship difficult and a friendship much easier. If your X-girlfriend is on Protandin for 30 days and you mange to have a successful intervention with a strong family and friends unit, than it seems more likely she will be back to her old self in about a month. During that time she needs you, she needs help, a feeling of belonging and friends. Her community needs to support and protect her. She will be suffering from a depression and stopping the intake of high considerations of caffeine will make her feel physically sick, during the withdrawal stage.

There are some ways to determine if a full recovery has occurred. For instance, things that make no sense to you, meaningless songs or images will have significance to a Protandim Zombie. She will go from posting socially significant statements on facebook, to complete nonsense over night. This is kinda of a usefull tool because you can actually read through her posted and determine the extent of her usage. Someone vibrant and articulate who posts very meaningful blogs will now post pictures of crazy cats or flowers and lots of pictures of green green herbs that do all these healthy things for you.

Music appreciation is a very good example of peoples thought processes. Is she listening to music that has an enriched story, meaning, expresses love maybe prior to becoming a zombie and after she stopped taking the poison? Are her musical tastes focused at happy music or dark and depressed songs.

Ingrid Michaelson- Breakable (with lyrics)

This song kinda of makes no sense, the words are so abstract half way through that they do not express a complex story, or complete story line. To a complex mind this song would have little value. The objects are too far abstract unable to corrugate into real tangible meaning for most people. But, for the Protandim Zombie, this song has meaning because, it fires on the grey matter memory, which will still function after the nervous system fails to activate, these objects they will find attractive, stories become to far from understanding. Just sing songs of objects, “boat, car, train, plane”, and the zombies lights up, like a candles. “boat, car, train, plane”. You will need to notice what kind of music she is listening to, does this change following exposure to the herbal terrorism.

You will have to be your own Sigmund Freud psychologist here. This will be the only way you can tell if she has changed back to normal or her altered behavior continues on and might effect her for the rest of her life.

If you find Protandin on your mom, girlfriend or sister, it should be no different than finding crack, heroin or pills cracked and smoked. You have 30 days to get this stuff flushed down the toilet, and the clock, it is ticking.

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Illnesses that we have studied that can result from neurotoxic chemical poisoning Include: chemical sensitivity syndrome, environmental illness, memory dysfunction, multiple chemical sensitivity, neurologic illnesses due to toxic chemicals (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, , etc.), panic disorder, Parkinson’s disease, tremor, etc.

Neurotoxicity is a cause of brain damage. Common symptoms can include problems with memory, concentration, reaction time, sleep, thinking, language, as well as depression, confusion, personality changes, fatigue, and numbness of the hands and feet. Many types of nervous system disorders could be caused by neurotoxicity, including numerous neurologic diseases.

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