Protandim Intervention, You, Family and Friends

So your girlfriend, now X-girlfriend is drinking the Protandim Mormon Jonestown Kool-Aid® and you do not know what to do. First off, she is a victim and not guilty of anything, we all do stupid things, many times in are life. Your anger on this topic will not help you, so cool down, this was always something I was never good at. Once I rev up I only run at something with a spear. You need a plan, you need to contact people on the phone, you need to stay cool and not freak out. I freak out, because so many uncategorized thoughts hit me, so fast I can’t even write them down or remember them all. None of this will help her now or in the long run. You want this out of her system as fast as possible, I pushed hard, harder and harder and lost, lost and lost. This blog will apply to any of these fancy mode stabilizes or a bad reaction to any supplement or drug.

Well, you will have two choices because the first option, approaching her will not work. She through all factual logic will not listen to you; will not respond to your pleas, to even come off the poison for a short 30 day period. I begged her to give me the poison and was rejected over and over.This I still do not understand and you wont either, but this is a sign of  a major reduction of her intellectual capacity. You are not dealing with a full deck here, not when they are on this stuff.

So, one, you can run into the woods, try and make it to the air-o-plane, not say anything and just move on. In most cases this is your best call, you can make this journey. But, if this is a very rare special person with a beautiful sole, bright mind that you are willing to give up forever, betray, break her trust, be the bad man, than you can release the hounds and reach out to her friends and family.

Do this by phone, do not send emails, do not send texts, try and meet in person. If you are not meeting in person or on a verbal phone call, reject this contact, they will be instantly corrupted by your X. I could not acquire, verbal communications with any close family or friends and I failed at every turn. I like my girlfriend to have many friends and an active social life beyond me. Its the only way I can get my shit done. I keep her friends, her friends away and don’t mix out of respect and the position of loyalty.

If you have to send a text, or message it is only this “I need to talk to you about______ something bad”. Nothing more. You need to get this person, in person or you will fail to produce a positive outcome. I failed at every turn because, I knew the science, I sent them the science, I thought they would understand that, they do not understand this science and they thought you were just attacking someone they also cared for. Do not show your cards, until you are at the table. They might, call your X and say, hey, your X wants to talk to me, this is better than a full betrayal with no positive results. To release the hounds of hell and get no positive outcome, I can not tell you how much this sucks.

Rains mom was the smartest family member, and I should have gotten in my car and been at her house before I said or did anything. Approaching a younger immature family member is a total wast of time, they will instantly think in a young immature fashion and relate your motives directly to something childish immature thought pattern; you want her back man and the story ends there. Age group below 30, unless, they think with there reproductive organs only and place little value on any intellect.

I had another problem, a compound problem, since my X was going to be performing a tupperware party with this terrorism poison the next day. I know my real X, and she would not want her friends to experience social problems from this toxic nerve agent, delivered by her hands. I had no choice but to warn the community at large, her close friends and go completely public, at this point in time. This she would want me to do, even if now, she does not understand the complexity and hazards of the situation.

Rain does not like drama or dramatic moments you make dram you will be cut off, and for this alone, she is very pissed, and will never talk to me again. You will have to live with this possible outcome. For me it was more impotent to get her off the toxin than to build bridges with someone not capable of doing that is this frame of mind. Rain is also, highly intelligent, far more understanding of social topics than me and the thought of losing the one intellect from a group of less expensive life forms, was tragic and extremely emotional.

Reaching out to her family and friends is betraying the trust you established prior to the Protandim Mormon Jonestown Kool-Aid®. Breaking this trust is the hardest thing emotionally you will do, it cuts all ties and you now have to stab someone you care for in the back to save them. The decision to reach out, will be emotional, difficult and humbling. Proud people will not be able to continue here, you need to make yourself small, against a huge task. People, you do not know well, you will have to approach, reach out to, with your logic. Since you are not a scientist, you are screwed. Since, clogged the internet toilet with their stinky shit load, understanding the science, is something you wont be able to do on your own. Unless you find this website, in the vast space of the internet, all hope will be lost for your beautiful butterfly.

Well, if you land here, understand, she is a different person now, so you are not betraying the normal, healthy sole, just the Zombie. In your action, you are pardoned from guilt, what you do is only out of concern, love and passion. Prior to Protandim your girlfriend would give you a hug, after being altered into the Zombie, she is no more capable of strong emotions, which would send signals to hug you back. She might do it as a gray matter memory function but it will be lifeless, and feel strange, cold and odd.

The action of reaching out to family, friends and colleagues will not go well for you.  To start, you will reach and get no response. So, you will reach, by reaching further down the line, maybe even reach again and again, at the same unresponsive people or family member. You, will next get mad at these non responsive people, think to your self are they human, decent, afraid, you just don’t know, because you will get no response. This is when the darkness sets in for you, my friend, evil times they are. First I sent just the close family and friends info, the science. I did manage one friend contact, which said, she seems fine to me. If you get this comment, that means your X is still of the zombie juice, and you will have to reach father and build better bridges. I should have jumped in the car and gone right to moms house, together we had a better chance. And, time is important if she is experiencing nerve damage. She needs to go to the emergency room or see a neurologist to get medication to purge the toxin from her body.

To me, when I started putting everything together, it really felt like she was standing in line at the punch bowl at Jonestown Guyana in 1978. And, when I grabbed her hand and said run and she did not run or follow me into the jungle, I was like a dear in the headlights. The emotions were too much, fight or flight had set in, she needed to go, run and now. She would not run, I could not leave her and we needed to move fast. She was drinking the Kool-Aid® and need emergency services, and maybe even a field shot with an epinephrine pen.

You will have to understand the pathway that will be constructed when you reach out to friends and family and know you were much better off just running into the wood and not,  knocking over the bowl of Mormon Kool-Aid®; as everyone watches on. The scenario will be dictated through the pathway. Whoever you reach out to will respond by, calling your X-girlfriend and saying, so and so, “this is your dumb ass”, just sent me a message that you are….blah blah blah. I said, “you will be the bad guy” right, save her ass, but no good deed will be rewarded here. Accept this role, humble yourself, mission at hand, here you will have to fight the demon and the toxic poison, which has over taken your girlfriends mind, sole and essence.

You know how drug addicts or alcoholics are really good at telling you they are not drug addicts or alcoholics. Well, the same thing happens with the Protandim Kool-Aid®. The victims, will even make themselves sound happy and full of life, on the phone, maybe for a short time in person they will be able to pull this off. She did this to me the last time I talked to her on the phone, but I recognized this was not real, the happiness was more animated. She will survive a family get together by, spending the entire time busy, cleaning or making food, and not socializing. You sit on the their sofa, for let’s say an hour, mostly listen, saying as little as possible, just trying to start a conversations, the conditions and effects will show themselves, clear and true.

I wanted to run over there and take the zombie juice by force, some females this might work. Although, Rain is a powerful female figure, not so much in body but in her mind, she is very strong, I had no chance of actually accomplishing this alone. With her son and mom, maybe this could have been achievable but otherwise, I would have left bleeding from the nose, ears and mouth and not accomplished anything.But, maybe a ride to the hospital and than jail.  Zombies do not want to give up their juice. I just do not understand this. If Rain wanted anything from me, she could have it. I even offered her my car, possessions and money for the pills, and for her to stop taking them but she still would not budge. Like I said the term zombie is not far off from their disposition.

By the way, she will not be able to read this blog or know what you are up to. Protandim Zombies have an ADHD side effect, I believe from the heavy metals (Aluminum) toxins in her body. Don’t believe me, write a long letter with many expressed points and she will not be able to fully respond. This I noticed, in the texts we exchanged before, she would not talk to me. I sent her the science first, it was longer than one sentence and she could not read it. This is one of the reasons, her work output must drastically suffer, if she does not lose her job now, it wont take long. A good evaluation technique is to have her read a short paragraph to you, is she reading it clearly, or stumbling over words? Did she understand the topic? Ask her what it was about?

She pushed me so far away so fast, I never saw her again and I am not one to be on top of people like some kind of oppressor. Lots of my values and qualities were actually being tested here to. I tried four different times to show up, unannounced, bringing something to her, which I do not like to do and felt extremely uncomfortable doing. I was still in the process of trying to find out what was going on. If I knew what I know now, finding her in bad with another man would have been the least concern, in comparison to this stuff. Maybe this was the case, I did not know, stopping by, is against my morals, her life, her body, her will.

When you sit on her sofa with your 30 questions and a plan, to analyze any side effects. You will need to control the conversation, such as “what do you think of……….”, and than monitor the response. The response being more important than the actual question. This is where a Protandim Zombie will not be able to make any articulated conversation, over an extended period of time. Mostly, they will work at trying to not talk.

You can now advance your analyses and load the question with two questions in one sentence, like for an example, “what do you think of Sour Candy and Butterfly wings”. She will not be able to say “sour candy good, butterfly wing  beautiful, or what I would say, which is “fuck off”.

Another thing you can do is pull out a game. Games are great because you are required to concentrate and be able the produce and amount of intellectual ability. Get a board game that requires some reading a card out-loud. Reading is a dual motor skill and if the nervous system is under attack with a toxin, reading out-loud will be difficult. Kids with ADHD find this task to be the hardest, because they know they have problems doing such a task and will also feel uncomfortable at this performance.

Another great way to tell if your X girlfriend is under the influence of the toxin, or has made a recovered from the toxic exposure is in performing photographs. Are they turning away from the camera, are they hiding, not really smiling, what can you read from their facial features. Protandim acts as a depressant and the victim will not be able to really smile or express extreme emotions. Smiling is an extreme emotion. If she can strike out a smile, this smile will not last through a long photo shoot. The strong emotions are the emotions required in a relationship, companion or mothering, not a friendship, so it is hard for her friends to determine if their is a drastic personality change. Unless they read this blog.

Look guys, she will not be able to date anyone else on this stuff, and all she can do is push, push and push, you, her family and friends, farther and farther way. She is alone now, maybe forever and this is very sad. If your sole intention is selfish, to get her back, I suggest you run as fast as you can to the woods. What you are doing is attempting to stop her from poisoning herself, maybe poison her community, you want her to live a full and happy life, and not blow her brains out in some cheap motel outside some slummy city because she is riding the slippery slope of depressed down.

When you send the stupid hounds of hell down on this depress girl what do you think the ramifications are for this are? Really bad, this was my last card and it sucked ass. The thought of her taking her life hung over my head, the entire time, this was a pressure moment for her. Is she capable of understanding this, does she realize this is all you had left to manipulate at this point.

Consider the relationship and friendship over right here, she is dead on this poison, you are only trying to save what butterflies  is still left. Maybe a future friendship, maybe not. She might have kids, you will have to sacrifice yourself, your relationship with her, to save the relationship she will still have to maintain with her children. I wish I could have asked her youngest child if he noticed any emotional changes in his mom valuable information but I thought this was not appropriate. This is an adult situation, which needed to be handled by adults.

Socializing requires applied nervous system functions and these functions are extremely diminished from the use of Protandim. The herb Bacopa has been used in Asian religions to activate your memory but it does this by reducing nervous system functions like emotions, problem solving and creativity. She will do things that she remembered, she liked to do. If you see the Roller-skating ring packed full of older cougars or a line at the Ms. Pac-Man machine, these Zombies, are on Protandim.

Remember the 1984 movie Dune, and who controls the Spice, controls the worlds. The Mormons could easily produce a really bad batch of Zombie spice and planes can fall from the sky, trains run into each other and patients will get the wrong leg amputated in every hospital. If JP Morgan Chase can lose 2 billion in one week on a bad horse bet, Mormons at can easily produce a horrific Zombie brew.

I am not saying that some Lithium for patients suffering from a real mental condition is not warranted, under some controlled medical conditions, it’s giving it to normal healthy person that the problem appears enormous. Also, having a Mormon apocolipticy rapturey missionary cult in control of regulating the spice for the masses, holyshit batman.

Before you kick over Reverend Jim Jones Peoples Temple jungle juice, be warned, he might see you do this. Did you watch the news lately, does not everything seem to be building into an epic event in human history. Obama just bailed out of presidency by his one statement of supporting gay marriage. Regardless of, if you support it or not, I do, this does not matter, of the old people who actual are stupid enough to vote A or B, some 60% don’t support it. This is basically Obama saying, I am folding my hand and taking the fast train and last plane out this one horse town. Why he did this, I do not know, maybe Protandim but this means Mormon Jim Jones Mitt Romney just became Pope of the people dirty palace.

Go for the woods my friend. Run like the wind. Because a real intervention requires everyone to get together, meet understand the toxin and then confront and analyze the reaction, basically get the shit flushed down the shitter. This will not occur in most cases. People will not understand the reaction, the chemistry and be able to know what they are even doing. Trust me, we need to do this, wont get you far. By the way, do not flush the Protandim because it needs to be tested for toxins. Is Aluminum or mercury that accumulated the the concentration processes, that diminishes the intellect.

This is actually a community epidemic. Because, we all know from, all the horror movies, all Zombies want to change everyone into a Zombie. Your X-girlfriend, now begins her path to change other people in your community into more Zombies. I am personally, not good people. I am honestly tainted and withdrawn and could care less about any community. I live, I smash my square block into a round hole, again and again and say “fuck it”, number one rule, I move on. I do not worship at a Peoples Temple and I reserve myself away, from all community activities by choice. But, this little girl, if she knew something was bad in her community, she would do something. She would activate, this I do for her, my last gift, other than the four large green yard frogs, which I hope make her smile.

This Blog is only active until my X gets off this Zombie Juice and most likely will never talk to me again. You will have to resolve your self to this outcome, bad bad man you are. Its not what you do, but how you do it, or did it, like there is a book of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), when you find someone you cared for a great deal, is now drinking the Kool-Aid®. Again, in your action, you are pardoned from guilt, what you do is only out of concern, love and passion.

Anyone else, of average intellect would have been abandoned by me, a long, long time ago. But, this little girl was a pillar in her community, butter to the bread, something to build off. Something I will never be, want to be or try and be. I stand for nothing, I die for nothing. As soon as you stretch that neck out………

This girl is a victim, she has been and is being victimized and she is in an un-supportive community, because they do not understand what is going down. Black magic is very difficult to uncover, it is constructed that way. How many people can sit through a magic show and figure out how even one of the tricks was performed. What happens to her, can be very sad, the final out come tear jerking, but by no means is it her fault, she is not guilty of anything.

We need her to fight this but after experiencing an event of this magnitude, they might not have the strength. Rains a strong girl, so I hope to get her involved in this pressing female centered issue. I am a man, I write like a man, I make man things by smashing two hard objects together. I have no female touch and this female issue which requires a female touch.

I have come to the conclusion now that nothing I did worked. What ever I did, the more I did, all failed. The more I reached out and worked on documenting the incident, changes I saw first hand, the more the victim, family and friends pushed away. All, contact with Rain has been stopped, so I am in the dark. There is no stopping this, it is perfect Epidemic. Once the poison takes over, “no” amounts of reason, accountability and human decency, can stop this man-made plague.  Families will be ripped apart, friends scattered, and children will suffer the most.

I am considering closing this blog, because there is no fighting a losing battle alone. Without a victim, I have no case. Without Rain, I have no sun to shine.

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