Protandim Edible Plant Testing Study

Testing under way, blog under construction.

Early Results are dogs, cats, squirrels, turtles and fish will not eat Milk Thistle. Still looking for a animal that finds this plant as edible. The test was preformed, by providing 2 example of food that the creature was willing to eat and then on the 3rd try providing the Milk Thistle. All animals ate the first two foods and rejected Milk Thistle. Not sure why humans put this in their mouth.

But, Apoplectic times call for Apoplectic measures. You could find yourself raptured in a Mormon apocalypse for several months with no food, you will have to figure out how to feed yourself, is Milk Thistle the right food for survival.

You can survive for at least a month with nothing but water, you will lose about 20 lbs. However, this is not a suggested fad diet, once you start eating again, you will probably put most of the weight back on. If you’re well prepared and knowledgeable about the area, you should have no problem finding edible plants, but if you are near death, and can’t otherwise positively identify a safe plant to eat, follow these guidelines to test for edibility…………………….

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