Lifevantage Mormons, now following me

Mormons following me, positively identified by a neighbor. The Mormons are coming, the Mormons are coming.

They kinda look like Children of the corn and Malachi and all. Not here to smile and be friendly. They played a stare down game and then left.

below will be edits I do not know yet where to place in das blog.


I am physically down now, in the 2 weeks it took to do the research and write this 20,000 word blog. I have lost 10 pounds, forgot to eat, blood pressure high 131 over 100, tong yellow, tooth hurts, brain feels like it is going to explode out of skull. Have to stop and shut down. Need someone to continue here and now.


I think an important question to ask is Rain still a target, is she in danger and maybe have I made myself a target producing this document. She got me into a lot of trouble, I did not ask for, but a friend is a friend. I like to always think in terms of the saying “dead men don’t talk”. This is why they are dead, to not tell their story. Since I have told the story, seems like the saying, “dead men don’t talk” cannot be applied at least to me in this case, not anymore. Any mysteries accident or incident would only fortify the story and bring out the possibility of a much more organized response and confrontation.

So will the Mormons stop targeting Rain, is she in danger? She has not told her story and refuses to. Is she even intellectually capable of realizing she was targeted and has an important story to tell, hopefully to help save or warn other ladies just like her? There are other Rains out there, I need a new one myself. I have no contact with her, so I do not know these responses. The poison functioned properly and she has been separated by friends, her only protection was and is (me) and might be considered venerable at this point. She no longer has the intellectual capacity to be very street smart and whichever friend suckered her into the meeting to be poisoned, is still in her group of friends. This friend poisoned her in the first place, needs to be isolated from Rain.

She might bring food or drink that is also poisoned, which could be eaten by her son. The people who tried to protect her (me) have been pushed out of her circle. Her other friends and family do not appear to understand the magnitude of the situation and the level of danger still at hand. This means her shield is down. Crazy people think in crazy ways, who ordered the attack is crazy. They do not like things to go wrong or leave wounds or doors open. Killers don’t like to bury people who are still alive, because they might dig themselves out of the grave.

Rain had a very good brain, it might recover, and then she might be a force to reckon with. I know Rain’s brain was better than most, way way better, because of her sensitivity to sounds, especially abrasive sounds. She would often cover her ears, when an abrasive sound was made. I even saw her do it once when her mom talked in an extremely nasally tone, which could be described as similar to scratching a chalkboard. This can be a profile, to someone having much more nerve endings in their brain, than the average person pumpkin head. More nerves in the brain, means a more powerful brain and Rain could operate well, better than average, on much less than she was given naturally.

Maybe I should ask the question, do I need Rain, is she proof to this attack? To me, it is obvious I can make a nerve toxin with Milk Thistle and Bacopa in my kitchen. It is also obvious she took a mixture of this toxin and experienced the full effects. Removing Rain would only bring out an organized physical confrontation on a large scale. Although, I want to protect her, I think she is still in danger from an attack. She will not want to let new people into her circle of friends, Mormons might want to further poison her into a more vegetable state, but death no. Crazy people think crazy.

I need Rain to document the recovery for other people who might have been exposed to this poison. Do people recover from being exposed to this toxin? I would be the only one able to actually perform this because first off my abilities of reading a person’s facial expressions and statements are extremely high and detailed. I also know what Rain was like at a high level intellectual level prior to the attack. I have the ability to weigh the changes and make an evaluation. I see things in people, others don’t see, which is what got my foot into the dog shit in the first place.


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